Monday, March 3, 2014


'Last night was amazing. Ron Jravolta introduced me to so many of my idols. Rhett Midler. Lisa Minooli. And Borno!'

I enjoyed last nights Oscars. It had a few great moments and Ellen held up her end of the deal. The pizza joke went on a bit too long, but worth the moment below. Poor Liza however couldn't seem to cut a break and there is something both heartbreaking and hilarious about her attempting to jump into the worlds most tweeted photo (above) and grabbing onto Lupita Nyong'o as she headed up for her award. The one major downside for me was Kim Novak's appearance. Not Kim herself, it was wonderful to see old Hollywood out on the stage. It was the millions of Andrew Dice Clay wannabe's who take any and every opportunity to belittle the appearance of another that left me cold. Kim's appearance was visually obvious to all, but the key to being a human being, and not a bully, is the ability not to crack one liners at the flaws and pain of another.

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