Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Behind The 100:

I have gotten a bit behind lately. My work and personal life have taken a few unexpected turns which have reduced my free time dramatically since January. A little less time to relax, a little less blogging and a lot less time to watch television. My DVR is full of the past few months worth of episodes of The Walking Dead, Scandal, Bates Motel and about eight episodes of Glee. I have only been 'half-watching' Glee the past year and a half and have written several times on the blog about why. After reading an interview on TV|Line with creator Ryan Murphy the other day, I decided Monday night to try to start plugging my way through the episodes to free up some space on the DVR.

'I mean I know, but we have to finish our wine first.'
Holly Holiday

'We accelerated all those New York stories, and I think that was the right choice. I think that gave the show a burst of new energy'
Ryan Murphy

The first few episodes were so-so, confirming my theory that the show has lost it's magic. Then... I hit 100. The series 100th episode brought not just the old characters back, (Puck, Quinn, Mike & Brittany) it brought back their relationships and the magic. 100 made me wonder why the shows writers are continuing to spout how sending half the cast packing brought new life to the show. Maybe for the writers, but not the viewers. Blake and Jacob are hot and likable, but great tv is about more than good writing and storytelling, it also can be about history. None of the new cast of characters can muster the same depth of emotion scenes with Puck and Quinn, Brittany and Santana and the original New Directions can bring.

100 was a reminder of how great the first two seasons of Glee were, before the creators decided to fix something not broken. The New York storylines have held no interest for me. Mainly, because the show has turned Rachel into one of the shows most annoying characters. Secondly, the shows magic has always come from that original season one group, all together in one location. I hope the writers saw what I did in 100 and try to return to that magic in the shows last season. 100 also had me liking one trick pony Kristin Chenoweth again and even enjoying Gwyneth Paltrow. Writers who can accomplish that, can accomplish anything!


Bobby F. said...

If you have not seen beyond episode 100, I cannot tell you what I know about the show's direction...which I love.

Anonymous said...

Glee is awful. First season was great and then it quickly went downhill afterwards. Now Bates Motel is worth catching up on. Season 2 has been amazing! Can't wait to see how this season ends.