Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Absolument Fabuleux: James by abfab

The photographer behind Absolument Fabuleux has a mission. Through his images, as well as exclusive site interviews, abfab wants to explore different sides of the men he shoots and reveal another facet that may have not been explored before. Absolument Fabuleux has only been up for a few months, but already includes some revealing photoshoots with not only models, but comedians, actors and sportsmen.

I have been familiar with abfab's work for awhile now, introduced first to his location shoots, usually deep in the woods of London and France. When I came upon his latest work with James, I had to get in touch about doing a feature. The 6' model has a smoldering intense look and his fierce hazel eyes that almost have you thinking, and hoping, that he wants to crash through the camera lens and come to blows with whomever is watching from the other side.

James is abfab's newest addition to his site Absolument Fabuleux, and if you head on over and join through the Boutique you can see hundreds of additional images of James showing many more facets and sides of this heavenly hunk!

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