Friday, April 25, 2014


I remember being about six or seven and like many kids my age, I loved Winnie Cooper. Danica McKellar is one of those people who almost...almost, transcends sexuality. Catching her the past few weeks on DWTS, she is as appealing as ever. Beautiful, smart and a very good dancer. Usually when I watch Val Chmerkovskiy dance, the woman on his arm is invisible, but that is not the case with Danica, she did, does and will always command visual attention. Hopefully her broken rib this week won't sideline her chances.  Winnie for the win!

Below: Danica with Val Chmerkovskiy

Equally appealing as Danica is Charlie White. I am sort of semi-obsessed with his incredible smile and watching those blonde curls bounce around as he moves across the dance floor. For some reason, I suspect that brilliant smile hides a wider, and deeper breadth of emotions, but for now, he seems most comfortable with emoting mostly happiness. On any other season White would be a shoe in for the win, but this season I think he is destined for third or forth.

Below: Charlie with Sharna Burgess

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Bobby F. said...

I agree. I believe there is a dark side to Charlie that we do not get to see.
I have fallen in love with James Maslow like I did last year with Brant Daugherty.