Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shirtless With The Stars

Guest judge Ricky Martin lucked out this week as Dancing With The Stars went shirtless on Monday. Both remaining male contestants, Charlie White and actor James Maslow had their shirts torn off as well as all of the male pros. Although I love me some Charlie, I have to say that Maslow looked especially fetching with his shirt left on the dance floor.

I do think Charlie's stern look, (above) is justified as although he has put in one incredible performance after another this season, he continually gets beaten up by the judges. Hopefully he will bounce back to give his skating dance partner a run for the trophy.

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Daniel said...

I agree with you about James Manslow, I had never heard of him before, but each week I catch myself say out loud "Damn he is hot!"

I love me some Charlie White too, but was not happy that he shaved/waxed his chest to go shirtless. Same for Tony Dovolani, I have seen his sporting some nice chest hair before, and this week it was gone :-(