Sunday, May 4, 2014

Blast From The Past: Mel Gibson in TIM

Despite the fact the bloom has long been off the Mel Gibson rose, I was still interested in catching a recent viewing of TIM on TCM. Regardless of what is now, what was then remains something wondrous to behold.

I had never seen 1979's Tim and was interested after having read a reviews of the film. After a sucky week, watching Mel mow the lawn and tend to Piper Laurie's garden in his denim short shorts, not to mention his frolic on the beach in his blue speedo, made for a passable two hours to spend on a Friday night. Enjoying Mel as the hunky Tim drew me in, enjoying the always incredible Piper Laurie caused me to stay. Funny also to think both Margaret White, and her daughter Carrie, both bedded Mr. Gibson in their movie careers. Mama Margaret would not be happy!

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