Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kenny Trejo by DAVISICON

'New model Kenny Trejo, hot on the press! His look sizzles in a most amazing way, that face, that expression, that smile, that body!'

The last time I featured Billy Joe Davis from DAVISICON, the spotlight was not on the photographer's images. That post shown a light on a series issue the Texas photographer was working his way through, and the subsequent book that followed to assist him through the ordeal. (My Neighbor My Stalker) Although the artist's struggles are not completely behind him, I am thrilled he is back behind the camera and be able to share the results of his recent shoot with 21 year old Kenny Trejo.

Billy Joe consistantly produces beautifully radiant images. Ethereal captures that do more than just replicate what is in front of lens, but through his images honor and lift his models to places, and times, not usually ventured to by other artists. Billy Joe also has an incredible eye for spotting new and upcoming talent as he has done with Kenny in this series. In previous posts I have featured his early work with Derick, Cary and Sean. (Check them out below).

'As with many aspiring models, angles and good photographs make a world of difference, as in Kenny's case he needed good photos to show his great physique and his amazing face, smile, and jawline. Not many are graced with such a beautiful chin and jaw such as Kenny's. Luckily for me I can usually tell by looking at someone how their "look" will translate to beautiful photographs, when I saw Kennys "selfies", even then I knew I could bring out a very beautiful appealing look from him, which is very evident in his new photographs. Kenny would do well for both underwear and high fashion, both for print and runway!'


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