Thursday, June 26, 2014

Broadway Bared

Although James Franco and Alex Minsky are getting a lions share of the press, Broadway Bares is about the actors, dancers and singers who work their asses off putting together hot sweaty and show stopping numbers for the cause. A just released Highlight reel (below) shows some of the nights show stoppers including many FH favorites. I hope to post more, but below is a great start with the tall hunk a hunk of burning love Brandon Rubendall and one of the Champion's, Mark MacKillop.

Elvis: Brandon Rubendall

Queen:  Mark MacKillop

Mark MacKillop on FH HERE: & HERE:

If your a fan of Mark's work check out his Kickstarter video for his new Hotel Room Series, a collection of sensual images Mark has been generously sharing, and I enjoying for awhile now.

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