Sunday, June 29, 2014

Climb: Tyler by James Spada

I have been featuring the work of photographer and writer James Spada for close to five years now.  This past March, I profiled one of my favorite of his recent shoots with Tyler. (Sumptuous)  Sumptuous perfectly describes the richness and texture I love so much about James imagery. Although sumptuous also fits this series, I would have to include another adjective, this time scrumptious which equally, ore even more so, describes the glorious Tyler.

Since that piece in March, I have been enjoying keeping up with each of the new images James releases, many on his e-bay site HERE: If you pay James page a visit, in addition to seeing even more of Tyler, you will see many familiar faces, and bodies, some of whom I have profiled over the years on FH.

James has authored several books devoted to the men he has captured over the years. He also written about many of the women he has admired. Although James has documented the live of Barbara Streisand in the past, this fall his newest book, Streisand In The Camera Eye will released. In the Camera Eye is a collection of 170 of the most compelling photographs of Barbra Streisand, chosen for their rarity, beauty, and insight into Streisand’s multifaceted life and career. Check it out and James other works on Amazon.


DavidAsset said...

Beefy and beautiful. Thanks for posting, Tye.

Daniel said...

such a natural looking man, so damn sexy