Thursday, June 19, 2014

Frisky Frolic: Geometry

Geometry:  A branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space

As I was putting together more of my favorite images of Claudiu this morning I began to reflect on the themes which I use as the foundation for the blog. I get quite a few submissions and view many images throughout the week. I have always tried to post only on artists, models, images and projects I am passionate about, time is too really too precious to spend any other way. My guess is most people who check in every day have similar tastes and an appreciation for story and a bit of information, not just a barrage of images without any context.

It is this theme that has been frequently going back to artists whose work I respect and admire, and most importantly enjoy. Near the top of that list would undoubtedly be JayBee from Frisky Frolic. Thinking favorites, after finishing choosing images of Clauidu, I headed right over to Jay's site and began to put together some of my favorite of his captures.

After choosing about 50 images, I decided I had better stop, and come up with a theme. In reading back on some of my previous features of Jay's work, I realized I most often focused on the fun. Jay's work is both colorful and immensely creative, his themes and idea's never cease to bring me erotically motivated joy. But there are other factors at work, creativity without skill may be able to create art, but it cannot create a consistency of excellence, the way that Jay's work exhibits to me.

Today I looked at his work a bit differently with a unique and different perspective that Jay brings with such precision with his imagery. Geometry plays an important role in the final visualization of so many of Jay's images. Jay sculpts the body, or bodies not only with theme in mind, but geometry. Primary colors, along with shapes; squares, rectangles and my favorite of Jay's, triangles brings forth to me, a fusion of childhood academic memories mixed with our teenage and adult fantasy.

When we all entered our first art class as kids, there were not the restrictions on space and creativity we sadly learn as we age. Jay, takes us back to those early art classes. The elementary school art room was a place that took you so creatively away from the Math, English and Geography classes that bookend it. Those classes, much like Jays work, are a much needed infusion into our lives and days.

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