Friday, June 6, 2014

The Casting of a Modern Boyfriend...

Though “Modern Family” has certainly had its share of big names drop by, Emmy-winning casting director Jeff Greenberg says they’ve since become more selective. “Early days in the series, we had a lot of names on, and there was kind of a backlash, like, oh, is this turning into ‘Will and Grace?’“ he admits. “The show didn’t need to rely on guest stars, and we really want to choose the right person for the part.”

The quote above from Modern Family casting director Jeff Greenberg annoyed me a little. First off, I thought Will & Grace had incredible casting. Yes, they made a few eye rolling bits with big names like Cher and Madonna, but they made up for it with many of their exceptional casting calls. Blythe Danner and Debbie Reynolds were great as the moms and I still love watching Edie Falco and Chloe Sevigny in the episode East Side Story.

The second reason the quote annoyed me is I had been planning a Kudos post Greenberg for his casting, especially his casting of Haley's boyfriends. Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez are awfully cute, and immensely talented, but still a little young to wear the hunk title on the show. The sit-com has mostly relied on Haley's men to fill that role, most notably, actor Reid Ewing. Ewing was adorably dim, not to mention sexy as hell as Dylan, and until this season I had hoped for a return and a reconciliation.

Above:  Reid in 10 Rules For Sleeping Around (see more on FH HERE:)

The show kept Haley pretty much single this season, although on the show's jaunt to Australia she did run into the ultra hot Australian model Jye Williams!

As the season progressed however, sparks began to fly between Haley and Jay and Gloria's manny Andy. Andy, as played by actor and writer Adam DeVine has made Dylan a distant memory to me. DeVine has been on the show for awhile but only recently began sharing screen time with Sarah Hyland's Haley.

The show has been careful to bring the two together slowly with some great moments between the two during the shows last two episodes. Haley has never been my favorite member of the cast, but Andy, and Adam bring out another side of her I am enjoying watching. I hope the show brings back the talented, lovable and hot, Adam DeVine for season 6!

Adam in Workaholics

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Anonymous said...

I never could get into Modern Family. The cast as a whole annoys me. For some reason in my opinion the show just seems to insist upon itself. Will and Grace will always be one of my favorite shows but I have to agree that some of the guest appearances were unnecessary like Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez. But some were exceptional like Mini Driver and Molly Shannon.