Monday, June 2, 2014

The Goode Wife

I have been covering The Good Wife, or more specifically, the men of The Good Wife, since the shows first season. The show has been a favorite of mine since the pilot and the actors, writers and stories have only gotten better with each subsequent season. The past season was arguably it's best, a roller coaster ride of office back stabbing, double dealing and intrigue ending with one hell of a shock for long time viewers.

Throughout all the drama this past season, the show wisely, and quietly introduced a new character, Finn Polmar. I say wisely and quietly because I think that if the departure of Josh Charles had been widely know by the audience, the character may not have been as easily accepted by the audience. In many ways, he is a replacement. A replacement not directly to Charles or Will Gardner, but as the third man within the Peter and Alicia triangle.

I knew the actor's face as soon as I saw it, but it took googling after that show to confirm the actor playing Finn was Matthew Goode. I first took notice of Good in Chasing Liberty back in 2004 and have enjoyed him in many projects since. I always wanted Alicia to end up with Will, I am not really a fan of Peter, nor his portrayer Chris Noth. He irritated me on Sex And The City, and does so again on this show. It might be that Noth is so talented and plays the ass so well that I struggle to separate. I thought Carrie Bradshaw, and think Alicia Florrick, both deserve better.

Goode is a wonderful addition as possible new love interest for Alicia. Because of the way the writers slid Finn in, he was not shoved down our throats and with Will sadly in tv character Heaven, Finn is a welcomed addition to the show. The casting department for The Good Wife is one of the best in television, juggling filling it's character's slots with established television and movie stars, unknowns, Broadway and stage actors and exciting up and comers. Whether it be movie actors like Goode, television vets like Michael J. Fox and Mary Beth Peil, character actors like Zach Grenier, Broadway vets Stockard Channing and Nathan Lane and guest stars such as Mamie Gummer and Carrie Preston, they all get a chance to shine. The show even had me tolerating Melissa George who I usually can't stand. Kudos!

A Single Man (2009)

South from Granada (2003)

Brideshead Revisited (2008)

Burning Man (2011)

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Anonymous said...

I love Matthew Goode! He's one of my favorite actors. Brideshead Revisted is one of my favorite movies along with the one he did with Nicole Kidman. He's an excellent actor. I may just need to start watching it. How difficult will it be for me to start watching now since I haven't been watching from the beginning?