Friday, June 20, 2014

The Hunky PM?

In the US, it is all about whether Hillary can be beaten. If anyone follows politics north of the border, there is a hunk in waiting to take over as Prime Minister when Canadians go to the polls in the fall of 2015. Son of former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau and his wife, actress, author and photographer Maragret Trudeau, Justin Trudeau has the media in a tizzy with his good looks, charm and political charisma.

Justin currently serves as the leader of the Liberal Party and has proven himself a strong advocate for the rights of all Canadians with a focus on gay and women's rights. Trudeau has gone so far as to say he does not welcome anyone in his party unless they support a woman's right to choose. Although I wish more attention would to towards adoption, I appreciate him taking an actual stand, and not straddling the political fence on this, or any other issue so far. I also of course appreciate his great smile, thick dark hair and that he wears tight jeans whenever he is able.

If there is a Pride Parade, Trudeau is usually waving the flag.

Trudeau with Tory Senator Patrick Brazeau for a charity boxing match for cancer research.

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Anonymous said...

He's cute but I"m glad we don't have anyone like that running for president. In our TMZ culture we would focus on nothing but his looks and policy would be brushed under the rug. I'll take Hilary any day over some cutie.