Thursday, July 3, 2014


I'm not sure if on holidays, FH readers click on the blog with dread or anticipation. Either way, I know my holiday posts are predictable, and something I not only enjoy, but find a fun challenge. Each year it gets more and more difficult to find unique images that have not been seen before. Thankfully, there are some wonderful artists I have connected with, many of whom have been generous and have shared new holiday imagery with myself and FH readers.

These five images have come from an artist who many of you know has become synonymous with holidays on the blog. Jay from Frisky Frolic continues to shoot new and exiting imagery, especially around holiday time. Here are a few of my favorites,  including Mr. Jaxon (above) wearing the flag most patriotically! This year I am also thrilled to feature a shoot from Nathan Scott as well as a look back at some of my most combustive forth of July themed posts and images.

So... If you're celebrating the holiday, or maybe especially if you're not... Whether you're off to the beach, a bbq or a family get together, or whether your sticking inside with your AC or have to go into work.... Enjoy a few FH inspired fireworks on this 4th of July.

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