Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stripped to the Waist Clause...

Back in May, I introduced you to one of my favorite new faces on television, that of actor Matthew Atkinson. It was clear from his appearance on Y & R, the soap was not going to let this incredible guy get away. Although he just kidnapped a lawyer, ending with his shooting the chief of police, it's unlikely he'll do jail time, at least not til the fall.

It is summer in Geona City, meaning the shirts must come off, especially if your the new hunk on the show. I always wondered if there are clauses in the new actors contracts on just how much the show can rip their clothes off. Matthew has been without a shirt most of the last two weeks and with the shows new rooftop pool set, hopefully it will stay that way. Just just hope they keep Eric Braeden far away from the pool!

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