Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swank: Kedori by John Dobson Photography

Dashing in appearance, stylish, elegant, exclusive and chic are all words associated with the term Swank. When I was trying to choose a title for this exceptional series of images, I continued to come back to Dashing and elegant and when searching for just the right synonym, I knew Swank fit perfectly as soon as it popped up.

Last month, I profiled the spectacular Kedori. (Lets Try It Naked...Or With Paint Poured All Over You?). Kedori has an amazing body, a great smile and I love the attitude and creativity he brings to his work. Many models and photographers talk about making art but to me, art is not just about what you see, but the creative process that went into it's completion.

'Because of my design background I think I see photography in context. I am able to think conceptually and outside the square. I have an eye for detail and a good understanding of colour. I believe I have a unique way of looking at the world and that my sense of humour often shows in my work.'

When I was choosing images of Kedori for the piece, I ended up with about 40 or so from one particular artist and knew they deserved to be showcased on their own. Sydney photographer John Dobson's design background in beautifully evident in each of his images. John's creative eye is reflected within each detail, from the initial idea or concept, fashion choices and poses, and maybe especially with the splashes of color he weaves within. Whether in the planning stage, or in post, John takes the classic genre of physique and fitness photography and creates his own vibrant and unique interpretation.

'I began to take a serious interest in photography after visiting an exhibition of The Golden Age of Hollywood Portrait Photography at London’s V&A Museum. Completely knocked out by the inventive and stylised lighting of those old Hollywood master portrait photographers, I began to study the lighting in old Hollywood movies and any old movie stills I could get my hands on.'

John credits these great shots, and his working relationship with Kedori to their mutual respect for one another. 'I respect the work he puts into building and toning his body, he respects the time and energy I put into lighting, composing and post-production of the shots.' Together, they make a perfect team, utilizing the best of each others talents to great truly incredibly creative, erotic and memorable imagery.

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