Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Big Brother: Adjustments

I cop to it, I will take any excuse to do another post featuring images of Big Brother's Cody Calafiore. Cody is adorable, and smart, using those good looks to flirt with anyone who can help his game. The male relationships in the house are particularly interesting this year. Cody is more likely to be squeezing, grabbing and jumping on Frankie (below) than anyone else in the house which makes for some interesting viewing. He is also frequently caught on cams 'readjusting...' Might have been the red jumper he donned in his Rick Day shoot (above).

The jumper might have left Cody with a lasting of feeling of being squeezed in just a little too tightly. He has seemed a little cranky in the house lately, being in that house, and being HOH can do that to you. Regardless, there were dozens upon dozens of gif's (thank you gif makers) of Cody realigning the goods. Got to be camera ready!

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