Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Fan

The death this week of Lauren Bacall had me again thinking about how few of her projects I have seen. I was more than aware of the Hollywood legend however, having seen, and heard on tv news and interview shows since I was a kid. From Madonna's Vogue, through her legendary romance with Humphrey Bogart, Bacall was a part of pop culture and a true star.

Like many other actors who have passed away since I started blogging, I was surprised that the only movie of Bacall's I have actually seen is 1981's The Fan. I purchased the DVD a few years ago, mainly due to my love (lust) of actor Michael Biehn. The Fan is really campy and very silly at times (especially those musical numbers) but it is also incredibly watchable and so much fun.

There seemed something even slightly autobiographical about Bacall's character Sally Ross and the rehearsal process she was going through to bet back on Broadway. In addition to Bacall and Biehn, the film also features James Garner, Hector Elizondo and a fun performance from Maureen Stapelton. Bacall is Bacall, grand and slightly over the top and Biehn is hot as hell as the stalker intent on getting her attention.

The Fan is obviously one of Bacall's later movies, but a good one really to start with. I have already placed my Amazon order for three more of her movies (oddly, I chose a couple more of later roles as well) and I hope TCM plans a marathon for both she, and Robin Willimas in the near future. R.I.P Sally Ross, A Fan...

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Anonymous said...

hello from japan!

i am sick and tired of the whole media suddenly singing praises of legends when that person is already gone, as if it treated them well during their last days. we look down on them when they take roles lower than their former glorious roles, we say wtf when they don't do so well in concerts or play smaller venues and we condemn them when they finally succumb to drugs and alcohol because of our judgment.

it is all wrong.