Thursday, August 14, 2014

Inhaled: Caleb by Nathan Scott

I quit about six years ago, but through most of my twenties I loved to smoke. First one in the morning, last one at night, during a brief staff meeting break, around a campfire, after any physical work out, and especially in the car. Although I am glad I quit, I still remember and miss that sensation of inhaling, especially the first one. It was at the same time both relaxing and stimulating, and on some days the climax to a moment.

Smoking, like any other sensory caresser, can affect mood and atmosphere. Although today smoking may be a divisive issue for many, when captured correctly, can create beautiful translucent effects. The blend of Caleb's silky skin against the red material of the couch, his dark hair, black shades and grey smoke, amalgamate for this stunning series of images from photographer Nathan Scott.

Since first featuring Nathan's work this past May, his images have become favorites of both myself and readers of FH. I first featured Nathan's collaboration with Caleb in my July 4th piece Home Of The Brave. It was Caleb's first time in front of camera, but he proved a natural and Nathan captured some incredible images highlighting Caleb's great body, face and beautiful eyes. In that first shoot, Nathan and Caleb experimented with the effects of a ecig, but there were so many shots that I loved, I left them out of the first piece.

When photographer and model recently got together again for another shoot, Caleb wanted to do a shoot with a focus on the smoke. By using a combination of the ecig, and a regular cigarette, they were able to achieve the results they were looking for. The couch was brand new, Nathan's room mate had just brought it in for the living room. Nathan figured there was no better way to break it in than draping the new piece of furniture with a naked Caleb!

'I decided to photograph him nude because I love how lean his body is and it and his butt photograph really well. We ended up creating a story of Caleb waiting for a gig, as if he was a criminal or mobster. He was ready for the score and then kept waiting and got more and more comfortable and started playing with smoke on the couch.'

Nathan describes Caleb as a great guy to work with. Still new to the industry, Nathan remains the only photographer he shot professionally with thus far, but Nathan is confident that is going to change very soon! 'He is always upbeat and a lot of fun on set, willing to try anything I ask of him.' For their recent shoot for the Blue Collar Campaign, Caleb walked on set after literally just having stepped off a plane from a mission trip in Germany.

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Bobby F. said...

As I said with the previous photo collection, I am still waiting to see all of Caleb's smooth perfection. The lighting is the secret element to these pics and it is used as a great advantage.