Friday, August 8, 2014

New Manhattan Studios: Interception

One of the most rewarding thing about working on FH is relationships. Over the last eight years or so, I feel privileged to have formed relationships with a number of artists whose work both inspires and motivates me to continue with the blog. Wesley from New Manhattan Studios is without a doubt one of those artists.

I love nothing more than when an artist takes me with them on a journey through the process of creating, and Wes is a skilled and patient guide. In each of the pieces we have worked on together, Wes has walked me through the shooting process, the early stages of editing and the introduction of the gallery of final images on his website. Wes has also ensured that he tucks away a few images, exclusively for readers of FH.

The process of bring this incredible set of images of Victor to you wasn't one without twists and turns in the road. I believe Wes first mentioned his work with Victor back in April, and soon after I had a few teases of the magic that was occurring. I knew instantly I wanted to feature Wes' images of Victor. His incredible face, and beautiful green eyes are enchanting, and all the more incredible given that Victor didn't always look as he does now. He has worked hard on his body causing a metamorphosis, creating a look that matches his modeling and acting ambitions.

Since April however, many things got in the way, intercepting and slowing down the process of finally unveiling the images. Other work, trips and maybe most of all the artist's professionalism created pause. Although their first shoot together resulted in some great images, Victor was continuing to work on his physique and Wes had creative idea's he wanted to work on in additional shoots, to ensure he captured the best images of Victor possible before putting together the post. In this post, and the post below, you will see the results of those shoots. Deffinetly worth the wait! In the post below, I put my keyboard down and Wes takes over, sharing with FH readers his thoughts on the process and working with Victor.

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