Monday, August 18, 2014

The Twists & The Turns

Big Brother is a wonderful, living and breathing example of how you can't judge a book by it's cover. Many of us, FH included, began the season,not knowing any of the contestants by judging the male eye candy strictly by the visual. But as it happens most years, by August, I dislike most of them, something that is almost inevitable, having one's habits, good and bad, on display 24/7 for all to see.

Zankie was cute, for about six seconds, until the real Frankie Grande oozed his way out of the fun and cute body he inhabits. I still like Zach, but Frankie has become intolerable, so ego driven and annoying, I cringe whenever he is on screen. Most of the others have shown that their outward appearance is the best thing they have going for them. From Beast mode stalking through constant nasal snorting, some of the hottest are easier to enjoy in pictures, than in real life. There a few exceptions,


I still love me some Hayden, who to me, was the most likeable of the bunch. Derrick has remained the most consistent, playing the game so quietly, no one, (except Donny) sees it really until they are out of the house. Donny on the other hand, has been the one to me, who has managed to increase his appeal. I hated his fake country schtick until realizing there was nothing fake about it all.

As most of the rest of the hunky men in the house lost some of their lluster, Donny has gained it. His kindness and ability to motivate himself to wins, even when completely without support, have made him a true favorite. Oh sure, we all may want to spend a night (or a half hour) with some of the others, but thinking of spending any length of time with them would be have me wanting to self evict!

Beast Mode Stalker

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Anonymous said...

I loved Frankie the first episode but grew to dislike him very much. The shrieking he does is unbearable. In the latest episode when he took everyone up to see his HOH room I wanted to throw up. Reading the letter from his sister was obnoxious. At the beginning of the season I disliked Caleb but he quickly grew on me. At the end I'd love to see Caleb and Donny as the final two. With Donny winning.