Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back To School with Frisky Frolic

'You Can Never be Overdressed or Overeducated'
Oscar Wilde

For many, this is the week students officially return to the classroom. For the most part I enjoyed school, I was an fairly decent (not great) student and had a lot of friends. I always tell those struggling in school that the key for me was making school about everything but your classes. I could not wait to get to school because I was on the basketball team, in the school musical, participated in student government, yearbook and canoe club. When you have things you enjoy, the classes become just something you have to get through before practice or rehearsal.

Usually by the time September came around, I was excited to go back. See friends I had not seen over the summer and show off my new pair of jeans. There was however always that little bit of anxiety, for me, usually in August with the onslaught of the back to school commercials. I do know for some, school is more difficult, even painful. That is why turning to Frisky Frolic, for a little scholastic inspiration is always a great idea.

I have said before, that the work of Frisky Frolic's JayBee often mentally takes me back to my school days, the artistry, the colors, the joy and fun. I remember counting the days down til graduation, and the sense of freedom when finishing University. Looking back now, a year where I could focus just on going to school seems like a dream! I remember when I was 19 at university, wondering what the experience was like for those mature students who returned. I remember students in their thirties, forty's, fifties and sixties, sitting, usually alone, concentrating on the lectures. I wish I had made more of an effort to speak to them as I am sure, compared to the others closer to my age, they had the most interesting stories. Happy Back to School for all those of any age returning to the classroom.

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