Friday, September 26, 2014

Favorite Hour Of TV This Week: How To Get Away With Murder

There are very few shows I watch live, DVR is my usual viewing choice so I can flip through the commercials. I did make an exception last night to watch, and thoroughly enjoy ABC's How To Get Away With Murder. The show grabbed me from the first few minutes and held my interest til the cliffhanger ending. The show weaved together three different mysteries, only one solved by the end of the first 60 minutes.

The cast, led by Viola Davis and Alfred Enoch was stellar and the eye candy, (as you can see below) varied and more than worthy. It is also great to see Tom Verica and Liza Weil (Paris bitches!) back on television. The show got a lot of press this week due to a writer from the NY Times, and part of me wishes executive producer Shonda Rhimes would have ignored it. She, and the show, are above it and her shows stars only brought attention to the article and it's writer. I guess, with three hours of Thursday programming, the promotion it garnered was too good to pass up. How To Get Away With Murder didn't really need it, it pulled in an impressive 14 million viewers, out rankings the two other Rhimes shows that preceded it on Thursday.

Alfred Enoch

Alfred Enoch, known to many for his role in the Harry Potter series is a perfect actor to anchor the actors playing the students around. Talented, smart, vulnerable and incredibly sexy, I suspect Alfred's Wes Gibbons is in store for a pretty bumpy ride.

Alfred in Sherlock

Billy Brown

Billy Brown has been busy the last few years on Sons of Anarchy, The Following, Dexter and Hostages. With all those roles, not sure I have seem him look as hot as in his boxer briefs in his first scene from Murder (below) last night.

Jack Falahee

First off, don't you just love Jack Falahee's name! Jack plays Connor Walsh and had Murders hottest sex scene of the pilot. What made the scene so great wasn't just it's pushing the envelope with it's hottness, it was also great seeing Connor doing what he could, and who he could, to get the information he needed to impress his professor.

Matt McGorry

I love me some Matt McGorry. Matt didn't get a ton of screen time last night, but hopefully Asher will get some interesting story lines as the season goes on. Check out my previous post on Matt HERE:

Matt in Orange Is The New Black

Charlie Weber

I first crushed over Charlie Weber when he played Ben on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Ben was the human body for Hell Goddess Glory and although Glory ultimately took over, Ben certainly made an impact!

Charlie in Femme Fatales

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