Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just Because: Christopher Atkins in The Pirate Movie

To be completely honest, I am not sure I have actually seen The Pirate Movie, at least not all the way through. I do know, after the success of The Blue Lagoon, producers seemed eager to get Atkins shirtless, back on the beach, and into the water in another scene with him wearing a loincloth. I do however love how the movie created the perfect pants, including a little belly button cleavage to show off the best reason to watch.


Anonymous said...

Was Chris Atkins really underwater while wearing that brass diving helmet?

Anonymous said...

If he really WAS underwater, why no air bubbles from the dive helmet? Also, was the loincloth he had on the same one he wore in ''Blue Lagoon''?

Callie Shaw said...

When he made a guest appearance on the ''Dallas'' TV series in the 1980's, he wore that skin tight Speedo swimsuit which REALLY show off his bulge!