Monday, September 22, 2014

You're The Top?

Big Brother comes to an end this Wednesday and I am not sure that anyone could have predicted the final three when the season first began. Yes, Derrick might have been on many people's lists, but I am not sure Cody or Victoria were. I have enjoyed Derrick's game, it was not as flashy as Dr. Will's or as dramatic as Dan's but it was effective and did the trick. He brought both Cody and Victoria to the end as he felt they both would be loyal, and easier to manipulate than the rest of the house. In a season that often seemed like The Frankie Show, and I was no fan of that particular series... Cody has turned out to be a surprisingly effective player.

Cody is near the bottom of most popularity polls but I have grown to like him, above and beyond just his good looks. Although he was prone to mouthing off on what he was going to do, and who he was going to tell of, he smartly kept these rants in private, moving throughout the game in a generally non-threatening and likable fashion. He won comps when he needed to, cut ties to ally's when he needed to, and except for maybe Hayden, remained fairly popular with the others. He certainly bashed others, it is Big Brother, but not generally in a cruel or vindictive way. In fact, Cody quietly was usually the one taking the high road during bash sessions, walking away or commenting that the comments were going to far. Derrick will get the lions share of the credit at the finale, and so he should. Derrick's road to the end however would not have been possible without his right hand man, and Cody made a might fine one.


MostFun said...

Tye - explain Cody's modeling career - it looks very professional.

psh@cmh_11 said...

Cody has been my favorite for some time. I like Derrick, too, but I'm rooting for Cody.

One correction: I think the final is on Wednesday.

TyeBriggs said...

Thanks psh

MostFun, I can't really explain it. Many of the images I have used are from Rick Day and Cody seems to have done a few underwear/undergear ads. Not sure how much of a career it is.

Anonymous said...

Cody wasn't as nice as you may think he was. He was quite mean towards Donny. It just wasn't shown on CBS. But the feeds caught all of it. The last 3 in the house I can't stand I don't really care which one of them wins. I wanted Donny to win. He was the last decent person in the house.