Tuesday, October 21, 2014

3 Way Split by Dennis Nauert


'I most recently worked with Jeremy. This was my second attempt at working with a body builder and I wasn’t sure how this session would turn out. To my surprise Jeremy turned out to be a great guy. He was fantastic at taking direction and as a result I think we captured some great shots!'

The last time I featured the work of Dennis from Tin Box Photography, the focus was pointed solely on his work with Cary. (Incredible Grace) Most times I feature an artist's work I focus on one model, one shoot or one theme. Focusing on one usually makes it easier for me to narrow the narrative and the story I hope to tell in order to compliment the images.

For this piece, Dennis sent on a variety of images with several models from different shoots, none of which I wanted to give up when I began piecing together the story. Each set was unique yet flowed together nicely to demonstrate the beauty and grace within Dennis's images. The three different shoots reminded me of the 3-Way split sometimes used in entertainment and advertising. Many television shows especially use the split to tell story, especially different perspectives from individual characters. One Show, DALLAS, used it in it's opening credits, showing 3 different images of actors which worked together to let the audience know a bit about the character they played.


One of the biggest users of the 3-Way split is of course the circus. With three rings, circus's provide three different acts, all going on at the same time. Audiences are provided with a visual Smörgåsbord with three distinct places to draw both their vision and their attention. Together, the three acts ebb, flow and climax at different times, ensuring a consistent high level of energy and excitement so the viewer never gets bored or complacent.

'I shot Christopher by himself and a couple of weeks later he agreed to do a shoot with Jim. They both had very little experience in modeling but I was impressed with how beautifully they moved together during the shoot and were eager to try new things.'

Christopher & Jim:

As different as the three shoots are, I think they look great together, both complimenting and contrasting the other. Body Builders don't always make great models, there is a flow and rhythm sometimes missing from the way they move which the camera often picks up. I love that Dennis shot Jeremy as he does his other models, especially including the wings he often weaves within his work and they look beautiful flanking Jeremy's naked body. Christopher certainly has that flow and rhythm of movement which Dennis captures with some incredible poses. Christopher's body flows and weaves seamlessly with Jim's as they create singular shapes and poses as their two bodies intertwine together.

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fuck jermy is amazing ! please i wanna see more pics of him in bodybuilding !