Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back & Packed: Adam Rexx

'A man's dick should always be bigger than his ego.'
Adam Rexx

One of the things model and artist Adam Rexx doesn't lack is confidence. You can feel it within his work and images. Adam describes his style as bold, erotic and sensual, with just a touch of GQ. These styles combine beautifully together with Adam's handsome classic chiseled face and incredibly body. If they ever make a more adult Superman, Rexx should be first on everyone in Hollywood's list for the role.

I first introduces FH readers to Adam back in 2011 in a piece entitled Shooting Adam Rexx. In that feature, Adam shared some of his favorite images, and his experiences with the photographer and shoot. Adam's work has continued to draw me back, both with his strength in front of the camera, and his creative urges which cause him to continue to push for bolder, more erotic and more eye catching images.

Eye catching certainly describes the Los Angeles based models most recent work. I, along with many others, have clearly been enjoying Adam's recent entries in Model Mayhem's POTD and he won an incredible three days in a row last week. I love the honest and unabashed sexuality within the images, my favorite being the image at the top of this piece with Adam wearing nothing but sneakers, and a backpack, incredible! Check out more of Adam's imagery, and his artistry on his tumblr which includes not just his work as a model, but his drawings and music via SoundCloud.

Adam Rexx on tumblr


Michael A. Deer said...

Such a SEXY image! Dang!

Michael A. Deer said...

Such a sex set of images..... very nice.