Thursday, October 9, 2014

Turned Off

TNT's DALLAS reboot limped off the air two weeks ago, and was quickly cancelled after it's last episode. I have written in the past that I felt an affinity and connection with the original version as in the mid to late 80's, it was the only television show, the only thing period really , that really brought my family together. Sadly as much as I wanted to like the new version, I did all.

Despite enjoying Linda Gray and appreciating the talent of, and the hot as hell walk, of Josh Henderson, the show lacked any of the magic of the original. Linda and Josh did create magic, especially in their far too few scenes together, but beyond that relationship, the show was an ugly train wreck.

The problems with the show were massive, yes Larry Hagman left us last year, but his departure did not end DALLAS, it only confirmed what most viewers already knew, the show sucked. Even with the massive history provided the new producers, they seemed to have no clue as to how to write and construct even one decent storyline. Stories were started and stopped without reason, events had little to no impact on character, and the rich history of the Ewing Family were always sacrificed for violence, silly drug cartel and murders of supporting characters and poorly written side stories few cared about.

It was nice to see brief returns of Ken Kercheval, Charlene Tilton, Steve Kanaly and Audrey Landers, but all were disrespected by writers who didn't seem to really know, or like the rich history that came with them. Most tragic were the returns of Joan Van Ark and Ted Shackelford whose characters were literally abused by dialogue that anyone with even a passing knowledge of their relationship would never have written.

I stopped watching the show regularly near the end of season 1, checked back in briefly for a promised, but never delivered upon, reunion between Lucy and her parents and the funeral of J.R. Ewing. I never tuned in again. The show has a loyal following and their is a lot of energy being put into saving the show. I wish them well, but the show, as it existed on TNT under the horrid hand of Cynthia Cidre, really deserved to die a long time ago. The Ewings however, if written by someone who respects the show's legacy, still has decades of life and drama worth watching.

Josh from Cosmo Girl 2006

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