Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bucket List: James by Brett Kiellerop

'James is a softly-spoken larrikin. He exudes a relaxed, calming vibe which is quite soothing to be around, but he's also a bit of a devil. With his shaggy blond hair, handsome face, and inability to stay clothed, it was a no-brainer to hire him as an Aussie God.'

Throughout October, I featured several Halloween theme posts featuring the work of Australia author and photographer Brett Kiellerop. Brett's work is always a pleasure to feature and his use of a hockey mask with Tim in A Butcher Bared which made for a great holiday themed piece. Tim was not the only model Brett brought out the prop for. Brett also used the mask in his work with 20 year old James. James however is far too adorable to frighten or be menacing and his use of the mask is more likely to bring on a smile or blush than to evoke any fear.

I also loved the reason James decided to take it all off in front of the camera. James is not a model and this shoot with Brett was a one shot deal. James loves a challenge, and posing naked was something the always wanted to do. Brett's says he is grateful that James chose him for the privilege of helping him tick another challenge off his bucket list!

'James had never modeled before, and was quite curious about the process. He had a natural appeal, a gracious, easygoing manner, that I just had to try and capture. Although the photos I've chosen don't reflect this fact, James never stopped smiling. We had a lot of laughs during his shoot, and we both learned a lot! This was one of my first shoots, and James was very patient with me.'

Brett shares that James arrived at the shoot badly sunburnt having spent the day before out in the sun in only a singlet. It was a challenge to work around it as make-up and covering imperfections is not one of his skills. I think the peeling skin on his shoulders is rather sexy, and indicative of a Aussie guy who spends much of his days on the beach and in the sun. I also loved the chain James wore, very present in almost all of the images. I went through a chain wearing phase when I was in my early 20's and putting it on, and taking it off, reminds me of a very fun and erotic time in my growth and development.

'While he may not be a traditional model, with his sunburnt shoulders and not-quite-defined physique, James had an aura that I just had to try and capture. I think the results do him - and me - justice. He's a natural! James was just so happy, excited and eager to shoot!'

James, like many of the models of Brett's I have been featuring were originally shot for Aussie Gods, Brett's visual exploration of the male physique. The book, which contains 375 original images is available on Amazon in a kindle edition for a incredibly great price of just $3.99! Check it out HERE:

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