Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Just Because: Splish Splash

I was never a fan of Michael Landon, the opposite in fact. I have not seen an episode of Bonanza, and except for a wee crush on both Albert Ingall's and Nellie Oelson never watched much of Little House. Yet... when searching the other days for Halloween birthdays, I continued to come upon images of Michael Landon in the tub. If Landon were alive he would have turned 78 this past Halloween Friday.

Something about the images drew me to search for more. When I watched Landon as a kid, he was far too old to crush over, but I'm not a kid any more and all of sudden I have a bit more of an appreciation of his face, his body and that thick head of hair.


I am not sure if was planned or not, but Landon seems to have recreated his early Bonanza bathtub scene again on an episode of Little House on the Prairie, Most likely Landon knew full well there were admirers of his beefcake body who would be tuning in to enjoy. I must say, Landon as Little Joe looks pretty hot! Might be time to give Bonanza a peek!

Little House On The Prairie:

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Anonymous said...

You should try to find pictures of Michael Landon in his early days of Bonanza. Not only was he extremely attractive, but he had a bulge that was HUGE!