Sunday, November 30, 2014


Late to the party as usual, it was just last Friday night that I finally saw Frozen. With the theme song already over played and over sang, I had sort of lost interest. My choice for movie night was sort of irrelevant however, as with my nieces visiting for the weekend, Frozen it would be, and it would be, three times, twice more on Saturday.

I did indeed love it, getting as caught up in the actions as the two little girls cuddled beside me. I thanked them for finally getting me to watch, but left out one of the main things I enjoyed. Like many of you I would guess, I developed yet another toon crush, this time on the dopey sexy combo that was Kristoff Bjorgman.

Kristoff and his reindeer Sven were my two favorite characters to watch and it didn't hurt knowing Kristoff was voiced by another crush, this one alive and not just digitally created. I love me some Jonathan Groff, and only wished they had given him a bit more to sing. Due to those frigid temperatures, and the fact Kristoff made his as an ice harvester, the character was usually bundled up pretty tightly, usually in full winter gear!

Knowing however, from seeing Mr. Groff take it all off on Boss, Looking and Twelve Thirty, it was easy to fantasize how great Kristoff must have looked under all of that material and fur lining. It is clear Kristoff cast a spell on many as when doing a search for this piece, tumblr's and DeviantArt were full of talented artists who have created various themes and scenario's in which to place a completely naked Kristoff. I included a couple of PG shots below, but you can see more with a simple google.



Twelve Thirty

Sweet, sexy, kind and just a little socially awkward... what more could you want?

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