Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wrapped: Laifster by studioAtruong

'Laifster is American with Norwegian descentm your dream Nordic god! Over 6ft with single-digit body fat. And he's so not shy...Oh and so flexible!'

The quote above comes from October profile, Perfectly Oblivious featuring the work of studioAtruong with the incredible Laifster. In that first piece, I focused on Laifster's flexiblility with Alain's extraordinary focus on pose and movement.

Alain also described Laifster as a Renaissance man, an actor and dancer who has travelled the globe, builds motorcycles, surfs, loves music, metal fabrication and the Circus arts. In this series, I focused on the actor within and the drama created by artist and model. Alain wraps Laifster in a variety of props, materials, fabric and chains. I love the different looks Alain obtained, from the erotic Game Of Thrones look to the Disco era American Hustle look with the over-sized jewellery and fur. He wears them well!

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