Sunday, December 14, 2014

12 Days: Gabriel Hogan in Christmas at Cartwright's

#5 Gabriel Hogan

If you can buy the premise, actress Alicia Witt as a Mall Santa, then you like me might enjoy this new flick entering the crowded world of Christmas television movies with Christmas at Cartwright's. Cartwright's is the department store, and a down on her luck single Mom ends up in the Santa chair with a little help from the angelic Harry (the always enjoyable Wallace Shawn)

Also working at Cartwright's is Bill played by gorgeous, and most certainly hunky, Gabriel Hogan. Gabriel has starred in many movies and television shows, most in Canada, including his current turn on Heartland. You might also recognize the 40 year old actor from turns in The Bridge, The Best Years, The Kennedy's and Ice Soldier. Hogan is a perfect match for Alicia Witt and brings a balance to the far fetched, yet enjoyable story. I will be keeping my eye on future projects featuring Gabriel!

Gabriel in King

Gabriel in Ice Soldiers (2013)
Ice Soldiers caps via Xander7

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