Monday, December 29, 2014

Hollywood's Hunkiest Husbands

Not long ago, I was watching an old episode of King Of Queens. In the episode, Carrie becomes attracted to the sexy voice of one of Doug's co-workers. That co-worker ended up being Rico, who by the end of the episode was more than a voice, but a hot sweaty body Doug was none to happy Carrie finally met. This had me thinking about some of the husband's of Hollywood, usually overshadowed by their more famous spouse. In putting together this short list, I tried to stay clear of husbands who were also actors (although a couple have done some minor roles). I also tried to stay clear of famous husbands, like athletes or else Dwayne Wade would have made the list.

Angelo Pagan

Angelo Pagan, most often credited as a Puerto Rican salsa musician has been married to actress Leah Remini since 2003. Pagan was the actor playing the hot and sweaty Rico on that episode of King Of Queens, and I believe they met shortly before he appeared on the show. Pagan now runs an LA eatery and has joined his wife, and most of their family on her reality show which ended it's first season last fall.

Mark Wilkerson

I must fess up, I have never really been a fan of Melissa Joan Hart. Never watched Sabrina, and have avoided almost everything else she has been in. Surprisingly however, I softened on her after her string of holiday commercials for Wal-Mart this past year. At first I thought she was an odd choice, but she proved quite effective and my annoyance turned to enjoyment, especially during NBC's Peter Pan, In that series of ads, Hart's own husband and family were brought into the mix. Hart's husband, the ultra hot musician Mark Wilkerson, humanized her a bit for me and had me wanting to see more of him. Mark is the lead singer and guitarist for rock band Course of Nature and maybe next year will be partnered more with his wife in the ads. There were a few shirtless shots of Mark on the net, but I choose not to include celebrity children on the blog and Mark is often photographed as the doting dad.

Jeremiah Brent

Most of us grew to like Nate Berkus during his time on Oprah, and were saddened with his loss after the 2004 tsunami. It is great seeing Nate happy with fellow designer Jeremiah Brent, they make an adorable couple! Nate and Jeremiah will be welcoming a new baby into their family this spring.

Bart Freundlich

Julianne Moore has always been one of my favorite actress's since first seeing her in Short Cuts back in 1993. I always wondered who that hot and hunky husband of her was when they were photographed, often out and about in New York. That man along side Moore is writer, producer and director Bart Freundlich and they two make a great combo.

Justin Mikita

I have found it hard to like Jesse Tyler Ferguson, not sure why. I love him and his character on Modern Family, have not enjoyed him on talk shows and other appearances. Seeing him out and about with his lawyer husband Justin Mikita has me seeing Ferguson in a bit of a different light. MIkita seems to soften what I perceived as Ferguson's 'tighter' side, loosening him up a bit when photographed.

Keith Lieberthal

Although I am sure neither is thrilled about it, another lawyer, Keith Lieberthal, husband of Julianna Margulies has sort of become the leader of hot Hollywood husbands. Not only incredibly good looking, especially when walking the red carpet along side his beautiful wife, Lieberthal's attraction partly stems from his devotion and support to his wife on these occasions. Julianna may take the spotlight, but her husband is never far away.

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Anonymous said...

I really liked Melissa Joan Hart on Sabrina but grew to dislike her when she did that show on ABC Family (Melissa and Joey). Those Walmart commercials were nauseating. There was just something fake and manufactured about them that I just couldn't stand. Which is odd because I loved the Kristen Bell/Dax Shepard Samsung holiday commercial. It was just so cute and I get the feeling that they really are that adorable in real life.