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Matt's Back: Matt Eldracher by Carlaw Studios | Toronto

'I believe that models are actors within one caption, we have to portray an entire story. It is probably the hardest part of bring a model. Without that story the photo isn't as interesting an will likely get forgotten but the more story the model can portray through one snapshot, painting, sketch, sculpture, or other form, the more interesting the piece of art.'

Matt Eldracher's #1 primary priority is to become a successful actor and has spent his entire life preparing for his ultimate goal. Since he was a young boy, Matt has been acting, dancing and singing, eventually moving into choreography, writing and of course, modeling. Each of these passions has been superbly captured within this series of images from Carlaw Studios | Toronto. The artist behind Carlaw Studios describes Matt as great fun to work with and very creative. These images, just a small sample of their work together brings together the creative talent of both in a series of themes, scenarios and characters showcasing movement, Matt's form and theatrical artistry. You can see more of Matt's work with Carlaw Studios on Matt's tumblr HERE:

What has been the biggest change since winning the FH Model Search back in 2011?

'To be honest not much in me has changed...I'm still the shy guy next door but be careful when you get me in front of a camera or on a stage...I become a confident man'

What would you consider to be the biggest changes in your body?

'Well I'm no longer a boy that's for sure. I went from being 135lbs to 165lbs of solid muscle. I work out all the time, bike everywhere (except in the winter), try to swim as often as I can, plus my dancing keeps my body busy. Sadly I injured myself back in sept at a dance audition.While doing improve I jumped into the splits tearing all my upper tendons in my left hamstring and had to have surgery and now in rehab for six months to recover. I have lost some weight and mass but I am looking forward to my first day back t the gym and getting back to that 165lbs and dancing everyday.'

Your Model Search shoot with Chris Teel was your time shooting nude. Did this make it easier in subsequent shoots, or does it depend on the photographer/theme?

'It did make it easier, in fact my one photographer friend told me it's almost easier getting me to pose in front of a camera naked then it is to have a personal conversation where I spill my soul out. As I said I am still a very shy person and yet for some reason I feel at ease and confident while I work in modeling/acting/dancing/acrobatics.'

What is the best, or most original compliment you received for one of your modeling images?

'I receive a lot of praise for my body and the way I look, but I enjoy more when the compliment is about the pose, or my versatility, or something more along the lines of art. The biggest compliments are when people recognize me the sense of fame feels great, and knowing that people from all over the world have seen me is a cool feeling. Ifeel like my career has launched and you will only be seeing greater things from me in the future.'

Were there any changes to the type of offers you received through ModelMayhem once you posted the nudes?

'Yes things did change, sometimes for the worse sometimes for the better. I have been asked by MANY porn studios do work with them, it's just not my thing. So I will give a WARNING message to new models out there, when you do nudes it opens doors...both good and bad so you need to think before you do your first nude shoot. All that being said it has opened the many doors to artistic works that I have been a part of and loved doing and many more to come.'

Tell me about your work with Carlaw Studios?

'Working with Carlaw Studios was a fun adventure. The pictures where taken over three separate shoots and when we collaborated it was more just a fun experience. I showed up and brought some clothing/costume pieces and he had some of his then we just had fun shooting. Then we would have ideas that we would plan for future shoots. It was a great time.'

You work with Carlaw is very dramatic and artistic, seems a good fit for you and background and the images really highlight form and movement. What was your favorite of the themes/characters from the series?

'As I stated before we just kinda went with the flow. But yes we did try interested poses and outfits. I love all of them, but many stand out to me, the chains, the roman, the red cape, the scarves, and the red hat were probably my faves and there was so much to shoot and so much to do and try. I'm sure each of these ideas could be re visited in the future. I put on an outfit or an article of clothing and it creates a character within. That's part of the fun for me my imagination goes wild!'

You were laid up recently for a time, was that difficult for such a energetic person used to always moving and dancing?

'Yes I tore my upper hamstring tendons jumping into the splits during a dance audition back in September and it has somewhat put my life on hold. Had surgery to repair the tendons back on Oct. 23 and had to wear a brace for 6weeks after. I was stuck in bed for most of the 6 weeks but I did get up more towards the end. I even did a photo shoot during the last week to benefit Movember. So even though I'm injured i won't let it get me down! I do miss dancing and my regular life though. I have recently had the brace removed and have now started physio to get the leg back to what it was able to do before the injury.'

With all the work you have done in front the camera, are there still themes or scenarios you are looking to explore?

'Yes MANY!!! My imagination is full of many ideas and they want OUT!!! LoL'

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