Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Cast Of Christmas

A few weeks ago, I wrote about televisions annoying new pattern of ending most of their series in November, usually with a lame Winter Finale. Part of my disdain for this practice is it's pretty much ending the traditional Christmas episode. I know networks don't really love Christmas episodes as they don't always low well in syndication, but audiences sure love them.

Here are some shows, some current, some from before my time that didn't stop producing episodes in November, but went on to celebrate the season. I wasn't yet born when Mary Tyler Moore, The Brady Bunch and The Beverly Hillbillies aired their Christmas episodes, but unlike most of what airs today, I pull them out every now and then to enjoy. If you haven't seen some of them yet, there are some great Holiday Treat DVD's with many classic holiday episodes, here are two of my favorites from Amazon, Holiday Treats & Christmas Treats.

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