Sunday, August 10, 2014

Scene Stealer: Brock Ciarlelli

'Its important to laugh. Laugh loudly, laugh often. And most important, laugh at yourself.'

One of the joys of discovering ABC's The Middle has been enjoying the work of actor Brock Ciarlelli. As Sue Heck's (Eden Sher) best friend Brad, Brock has provided the show with many magic moments. I love that although Brad might be officially in the closet, he doesn't hide who he is, nor what he loves. It also never seems to stop him from being his true and wonderful self.

Brad personifies joy. He is usually smiling ear to ear, jumping into his passions (which range from wrestling to square dancing) with flair and endless energy. Actor Brock Ciarlelli seems to share the same joy his alter ego finds in pursuing his passions. Thankfully, there are many gay characters on the television landscape today, but there is something quite unique and special about Brad. Brock plays Brad with wonderfully restrained flamboyance, fun but not over the top. He is who he is, and yet, except for a few whispers about his sexuality from the senior Hecks, is able to maneuver through the show, and his life without a label to weigh him down.


Bobby F. said...

He looks HOT in that wrestling sling!

Anonymous said...

He is cute, but that show is simply dreadful. The Sue character is so annoying I want to scream!

TyeBriggs said...

Sue is annoying, as are all the kids much of the time, I think that is part of the shows charm, teens are usually all about themselves. I think the writing is great and Sue is also a great role model to be yourself and follow your dreams regardless of what others think.