Friday, January 9, 2015

Quaternate: Nathan Scott

-Favorite Four-

This past spring I was fortunate to have found the work of Dallas photographer Nathan Scott and with the first piece, Fleet Week I knew I had found an artist to be truly excited about featuring. The spring and summer on FH were filled with Nathan's incredible models, style, fashion and imagery.

Nathan's imagery is just the brim of his creative depth. I could tell early on, not just from the images, but from the stories he shared about their creation, that Nathan was overflowing with talent and ideas. A true entrepreneur, Nathan has worked on an underwear line, a fashion magazine, Pastiche, and this spring is heading to New York with his designs for his new fashion lines. Fallen Pearls for women and Lip Locked for Men and they will be shared with the world as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on Valentine’s Day.

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