Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Great Goreski

Despite my love of Joan Rivers, I had never seen an episode of Fashion Police until this week. I wasn't even sure I had the E channel until I did a search and found it way up in the hundreds on my television set. I, like many of you, have loved award shows since I was a kid. With Hollywood feeling like a world away from the rec room in which I watched, award shows were a gate way of sorts to a life I could only dream about.

I have also never really been into fashion or the red carpet. Although fun I guess, in some ways it feels the red carpet coverage has almost become the main event. The pressure on actors at award shows is already immense, it almost seems to cruel to add the red carpet, and all the wannabee's throwing microphones in their faces as they walk on by.

I did watch Fashion Police this week, and I sort of enjoyed it. Not because I love Kathy Griffin, not because I am warming to Kelly Osbourne and certainly not because I have figured out why Giuliana Rancic is considered a celebrity. I watched only because of Brad Goreski. I had never heard of Brad until this season's finale of The Comeback. I had never seen him on tv before nor knew of his reputation as a fashion and celebrity stylist.

But... I have become mildly obsessed with learning, and seeing, more after Brad did his slip and slide in Valerie Cherish's bathroom sewage in one of the season's most hilarious scenes. The slip and slid led to Brad ridding himself of most of clothes, exposing his great chest which is all I saw during the brief scene when he and Valerie'publicist Billy (Dan Bucatinsky) carried the Emmy Gown Valerie to her awaiting limo. Not sure if I will stick with Fashion Police, time will tell, but I will be keeping my eye on Brad Goreski.

Brad Goreski Official Site:


Bobby F. said...

Brad worked the Red Carpet on the E! Red Carpet Golden Globes coverage a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Crazy how different he looks without glasses. He's cute with the glasses and sexy without them.


Robert Heikkila said...

Brad had a role in Bravo's fashion reality show "The Rachel Zoe Project" and is engaged to writer Gary Janetti