Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Casting Questions: And then you take off your clothes?

No, I did not go back to watching The View, but I did enjoy reading actor Ryan Paevey's tale of auditioning for 50 Shades of Grey. I am sure casting this movie was far more enjoyable than actually watching the finished film. I think given how it all ended up, Paevey would have been a great choice.

'Phase 1, you're dressed. When you walk in, you are dressed.'

Rosie Perez
'Get to Phase 2, get to Phase 2'

Paevy by Scott Ashton

'Phase 2, you sit in a long line in a hallway with a bunch of strangers, everybody knowing that one of us is going to molest one us in about five minutes or so, and then you walk in and they've got some lines and she says something about how she wants to introduce herself to me and...'

'And then you take off your clothes?'

'I did, I did, but I don't do it, she does it.'

Paevey by Tim Ricks
See my 2009 post on Ryan HERE:

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Anonymous said...

Ryan peavey is absolutely gorgeous. He is also on General Hospital and not a bad actor. I'm hoping that one day, more revealing pics will surface..