Saturday, February 7, 2015

Washington Gigolo

I only got caught up with this season's Scandal this past month so I was late in getting seduced by the shows's resident stud for hire. Cyrus wasn't late however, he jumped into bed with Michael without hesitation, something he would later come to regret.

Michael is played by the delicious Matthew Del Negro and although I am still pissed the show killed off James (Dan Bucatinsky), Del Negro's Michael makes it a bit easier to swallow. Del Negro has been melting the hearts of television fans since the late 80's in shows including; The West Wing, Beautiful People, The Soprano's and The United States Of Tara.

Below: Del Negro on The Good Wife

In the last few years the actor has often been shirtless, sexing it up on both Teen Wolf and Mistress's before landing on Cyrus on Scandal. I love that the show hired a 42 year old stud to lure Cyrus instead of a 20 something actor most other shows might have gone for. The love scenes are hot and Del Negro looks incredible, I love his strong face and he has an incredible body which looks great either in or out of his work attire. I am pretty sure Del Negro's scenes on Scandal were part of the reason for Billy Crystal's recent comments about sex on television and for that, he can be proud!

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