Thursday, March 5, 2015

Perfectly Matched by Chris A Freeman


'They were total naturals. Although the duo shoot has its own sensuality to it, the interaction between the two was always about the art. They were enjoying every moment of being together, nude, and making themselves quite beautiful together.'

There was no plan to shoot Karaji and Dree together, in fact, there was no plan for them to actually meet. It was serendipitous according to photographer Chris A Freeman. The Chicago artist was in New York last winter, he had rented apartment on the upper West side, right across the street from Central Park. Dree and Karaji were booked for separate shoots. Chris was not quite finished his work with Dree when Karaji arrived for his shoot.


Dree doesn't really consider himself a model nor is especially energized being in front a camera. He does love to pose though, especially wearing underwear. Dree arrived with a huge bag of different underwear he wanted to wear, but as you can see, didn't mind shooting without it as well.

Karaji on the other hand likes to perform and at the time of the shoot was working as a dancer at a well known Manhattan club. The duo shot was completely spontaneous and only happened because of their brief meeting between one shoot and the other. The visual of the two models standing together motivated Chris to ask if they would be up for posing together. 'It was just serendipitous that they have nearly identical skin tones and very similar slender builds. One was slightly more endowed than the other, but they were completely fine with that.'

The beauty and intimacy Chris was able to capture is extraordinary, especially considering Karaji and Dree had just met and without any relationship past, history or trust. There body lines blend so gracefully and there is almost a seamlessness feel about their poses. Although erotic and sensual, the poses and images are not overtly sexual, the focus more on lines, curves and form.

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