Tuesday, March 3, 2015

William Katt in Last Call

'As a little girl, Cindy had to witness how the shady estate agent Jason Laurence killed her mother. In the 22 years since then, he was never called to account for this crime. So Cindy decides to take vengeance herself. At first she gets a job as secretary for Paul's most important business partner. Paul is immediately attracted to the big-busted blonde and they start an apparently passionate affair. When his business suddenly gets into problems, his partners drop out and he gets bad press, he has no idea why...'

Every February, as I put together the birthday post featuring William Katt, I find another image, or another reason to sustain my passion. There is just something about that blonde hair, his face, body that I love. It is interesting as except for the film Carrie, and First Love, (which a FH reader graciously sent on to me) I have not really seen him in anything. My fascination comes mostly from images and articles I have found while doing the blog.

Every time I feature William, I always come up with blurry caps from the movie Last Call. 1991's Last Call is one of those soft core films shot in the 90's, most of which were simply a platform for Shannon Tweed and  her impressive breasts. Short on story, I can't say I have seen any from start to finish, but I do remember they were 'safe' rentals back when going to the video store was one of the few venue's to see a little male skin.

Last Call is one of many forgettable flicks that have yet to make the transition from VHS to DVD (hence the blurry caps). After doing William's birthday post last month, I finally found a copy (why did I not figure out you can now do video searches until now...) and am including a couple of William's skin scenes from the flick. They are as stated, mostly Shannon skin showcases, but there is enough of William to hold one's attention. Even though you don't see much, there is something hot about William, even with Shannon on his lap, swinging around naked in the barber's chair.

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