Thursday, April 9, 2015

Le banquet d'Auteuil

French actor Félix Beaupérin (above) headlines Le banquet d'Auteuil currently playing through April 25th at Théâtre 14 in Paris. When I first saw images of Félix and the beautiful cast, I was instantly reminded of the nudity, lines and imagery from one of my favorite French movies,Grande École.

Grande École, like Le banquet d'Auteuil both began as stage plays and not surprisingly, both were written by writer Jean-Marie Besset.  Is there time to book a flight to Paris before the 25th?

«Le Banquet d’Auteuil»: une réjouissante... by yaggvideo


MostFun said...

Grand Ecole is one of my favorite films, too. The casual locker room nudity was HOT!

Gordon Harris said...

This young man is so good/cute looking. I'd enjoy seeing this show.
Thanks & Hugs, Gordon