Sunday, April 5, 2015

Looking Behind

It's interesting to read this past week, all feedback about the cancellation of HBO's Looking. I guess I am one of those people who didn't really appreciate the Jonathan Groff led series until hearing about it's cancellation. I haven't in fact, even fished all the episodes on my DVR. Yet... I was saddened.

The show was interesting in that although I really enjoyed each episode as I watched, there was something that didn't have me rushing back to watch more. It was a show I saved for a time when nothing else interesting to watch was on. I guess I wasn't alone. I loved the pace of the show, the characters and although often sexually driven, was less frantic than it's steroid driven predecessor Queer As Folk.

I went back and finished most of the second season upon hearing of the show's cancellation and was reminded of the reasons I enjoyed the show so much. Looking was more about relationships and both the good and bad that come along with them. Season 2 also had the added bonus of more Russell Tovey, and actor I have enjoyed watching for awhile now. Tovey's Kevin nicely balanced out Groff's Patrick and he has one of the best butt's on TV. I will miss that butt, and the entire cast of Looking.

Tovey by Christopher Turner

I think HBO could have given it another season, maybe with a bit of tweaking with the supporting cast. I am sure sure whether they needed more screen time or less, but with Groff's character front and center, there was very little time to explore, or really care about the remaining characters. The little I saw I liked, and would have liked a bit more time to get to know them better.

His & Her (2010)

Being Human



Anonymous said...

I didn't like Looking. It just wasn't as fun to watch as Queer as Folk. I found all the characters to be obnoxious. On Queer as Folk there was something about each character that I enjoyed even when they were being obnoxious. Looking felt like a chore to watch. Queer as Folk was a guilty pleasure that I could sit and binge watch


Anonymous said...

I think you hit the issue with Looking in your post -- time. And the one (so far) reply hit an additional issue -- it wasn't fun to watch. I think with it being a half hour show there wasn't time to develop characters or really multiple storylines which led to no time for fun. I liked all of the characters but felt like I was just introduced to them and then the episode was ending. I will also say that I enjoyed season 2 better than season 1 and just being strictly obvious --- we are so limited on male nudity in general, if I am watching a show about gay characters I expect more nudity than usual -- males in general are a "visual" animal after all regardless of gay or straight. The often shown butts were nice but I would have liked "more". --- Scott

Anonymous said...

I am so glad this horrible show got cancelled. It did nothing but perpetuate the stereotype that all gay people are raging sex maniacs with no morals. Also, the lead actor was SO annoying and unlikable. He was such an idiot and the #1 reason I hated the show. Goodbye LOOKING, you will not be missed.

J.D. Alexander said...

i will definitely miss watching that butt too.

Gobi said...

oh my Tovey