Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Paradisia by Nicolai Kornum


Filmed, Edited and Directed by Nicolai Kornum
Concept and Art Direction by Josh Brandao

In the post below,  you will get to know a bit about photographer Nicolai Kornum.  When not shooting male models, Nicolai's focus is working on video filming and editing Fashion Films and Music Videos shot in his studio, BLitzWerk Studio in London. Although it was a tough choice to decide which video to feature... (Nicolai also directed the music video for Doctor Tongue about a hunky detective solving the murder mysteries of dead male underwear models)

I ended up choosing the fashion film Paradisia. I love the colors, the music and the dreamlike feel of Kornum's work. The film, featuring the work of fashion designer Antonella Petraccaro, was specially produced for a fashion editorial for Faint Magazine - The Aphrodisia Issue from November 2014.

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