Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Awakening: Alex by PPlanet Photography

'Welcome to the planet.'

The past February proved to be one of the harshest months of winter many of us, especially those on the East Coast, have ever experienced. One bright spot for me was getting to head into the forest with Atlanta photographer Preston Woods. In my first piece featuring his imagery, (Artistry Through Naturalism) Preston shared his work with Cody, one of the first men he shot with his new camera, and one of the first models he shot sans any clothing.

A lot of photographers shoot outside, but Preston has a unique way of drawing in the elements, the sun, the vegetation and surroundings. Preston brings the feel of the location vividly into his work. It is almost as if you can smell the air and hear the sounds surrounding the model. There is spirituality to the work as Preston does not just bring a model into a location, but also brings the experience of the location into the images he captures.

Since his trip into the woods with Cody, Preston says he has grown much more comfortable with shooting the male form. All of those early jitters and nerves I enjoying hearing about, and writing about in the first feature, have transformed into confidence and a relaxation about focusing on the work and creating great images. Preston's focus on naturalism was certainly evident in his work with Cody and maybe even more so this set of images of Alex. Alex is hot no doubt, great body and beautifully soulful eyes express just a hint of sadness, the blends well with Preston's vision and his incredible surroundings. I know for myself, often walks deep into the woods occur when I have something on my mind, something that only a walk through tree's or by a slow moving river can solve.

Preston is certainly developing a comfortability, and a bit of a talent, of getting his friends naked in the woods! Preston believes in part, it is his ability to created a sense of comfort in those that surround him. Preston calls it a blessing, especially as he gains more experience shooting and builds his portfolio with different concepts and themes.

'Alex was another friend of mine who I asked to pose for me. Alex has stunning good looks, and as it turns out he is a natural. Originally we were just going to shoot the typical posing in underwear shots, but then Alex said 'lets get naked', and you can see the results. Alex has a confidence, and no issues his body and was completely at ease naked in front of an interesting alcove we found in front of someone's house. Definitely a closet exhibitionist, which is perfect for someone shooting the male form!'

Preston had hoped to get a naked Alex into that refreshing river you see behind him but it was unfortunately still way to cold on the day they were shooting. Although Alex's body is certainly beautiful to behold, Preston says it was his face that became the focal point for most of the shoot. 'What most attracted me visually to Alexas a model was they way his face can manage to both cocky, yet smoking hot at the same time.'  Given Preston Woods has only just begun his photography journey and is only 25 years old, I look forward eagerly to all of the images, and naked men in the woods, that are to come!

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