Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Welkom Michiel Huisman

I have finally finished catching up with Game Of Thrones and am ready to start next Sunday watching live with the rest of the world. What a nice surprise to see one of my favorite actors, Michiel Huisman has taken over the role of Daario Naharis near the end of season 4. I have only watched Michiel in three episodes, but the producers of GOT wisely got out him out of his wardrobe in two of the three episodes I watched.

It was a naked Michiel that first got my attention the first time I saw him on screen in the 2003 film Phileine zegt Sorry. In the film, the Dutch actor has a few great, and one fairly extended nude scene, including the one I included below of a naked Michiel on stage with dozens and dozens of clothed cast members and extras. I have been featuring Michiel on FH since 2008 and it is great to see him apart of one of my new favorite television addictions!

Michiel in Phileine zegt Sorry (2003)

Michiel in Game Of Thrones

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