Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Bare Bares

Although I understand it, Broadway Bares is a worthy fundraiser, the day after on-line coverage hasn't been nearly as exciting since they clamped down on spectators using their camera's to take pictures and videos. In addition, some of my favorite BB reporters (DavidAsset) no longer attend, so it has been more difficult to get great videos to link to and share.

Dave August

That being said, I am on the case. Some of the most talented, and some of my favorite theatre hunks (whom I profiled HERE:) were there, and thanks to social media, many of the performers have posted images from the show.   Below is a short piece of returning favorite Nick Adams from the show.

Above: Nick with Bares newbie Harvey Fierstein and regular Christopher Sieber.

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David Asset said...

I don't understand at all how Broadway Bares markets its events. Not only have they clamped down on unauthorized photos and videos, the producing organization has also clamped down on its own press, issuing only very tame videos for fundraising purposes. Even the photos released to the mainstream press are limited. Broadway Bares only seemed to want to highlight in its press releases Laverne Cox's appearance in pasties. Certainly, she is not the reason most people attended this event. I think they are being terribly wrongheaded.