Saturday, June 27, 2015

Classic Soap Hunk Of The Day: Matt Crane

Your are the one who makes me fly so high, You are the rain when my spirits run dry
You give my life A hope that's real...'Cause when I'm with you
You take me away To Another World

The Cory's

I have written in the past about my introduction to Another World. It was my mothers favorite show and after school each day, the only thing on our one television set when I was a kid. I went from hearing it, to half watching to rushing home to catch up what was going on with Vicky & Marly (the incredible Anne Heche), Rachel, Sam and Matthew and Josie. I only really watched intently for a few years in the early 90's, but the memories of character and story remain strongly ingrained in on my mind.

Back in 2009 when I was doing a FH readers poll, Another World's Matt Crane (Matthew Cory) made my top three favorite soap hunks. Upon seeing a recent post on DC (thanks reks) featuring Matthew in his black speedo's, those memories of running home to watch (in case there was a scene like that) came flooding back.

Matt Crane may not have been the show's most skilled Thespian, but he was certainly one of the show's most engaging and likable young actors. Ridiculously adorable with his hot body, cute face and messy blonde hair, Crane was also an unassuming actor, never pretentious or arrogant. There are always soap actors, many with theatre backgrounds, others who you can feel seem above the genre, who overact to the point of almost embarrassment. Crane acted along side a few of these actors, and actually came off looking far more talented due to his natural ability to engage with viewers.

In the late 80's and early 90's, Crane was the show's resident 'teen' heartthrob, usually working more, and shirtless, in the summer months to draw in young viewers. Crane left the show briefly in 1997 to pursue his passion for sculpting, but returned a year or two later. By the time Crane left, I was in University and given it was before YouTube was around, had little time, or opportunity to watch AW or anything else for awhile.

He married co-star Robin Christopher in 2000 and they went on to have two children together. There is not a lot about written about Crane in recent years, Christopher went on to General Hospital, and Crane seems to have focused on his sculpting, motorcycling riding, and parenting since AW's cancellation. The family currently reside in Pennsylvania. Thanks again to reks for bringing back the memories, hope others might have similar ones about AW, and Matthew out by the pool at the Cory Mansion.

Above: Bay City Men, some of you might recognize a few familiar faces.

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